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Your precision machine shop in San Antonio for custom metal fabrication

Camargo Custom is a family-owned and woman-owned business in San Antonio that specializes in industrial machining including turning, threading, milling and welding. Our fabrication work is mostly done by hand and customized because each project is unique. We can save you money by making parts or repairing parts for machines that would otherwise be sidelined because they are inoperable. No job is too small. We are always on call and we can pick up and deliver. Learn more about our custom metal fabrication in Texas.

Camargo | Custom Welding Services

Custom welding services keep your machinery running

If you are in need of welding work, Camargo Custom uses Metal Inert Gas (MIG) for fast, high quality welds; Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) for high quality arc welds using a tungsten electrode and Stick Technology for shielded metal arc welding. Read more about our cost- and time-efficient welding services to keep your machinery up and running.

Custom CNC plasma cutting

Our CNC plasma cutting service is a cost-effective, computerized method of cutting thick metal sheets in 2D shapes that do not require high precision or fine detail. Using a high temperature, high velocity stream of ionized gas, the material is heated to a molten condition and the high velocity gas stream blows away the excess material. Find out more about our CNC plasma cutting service in San Antonio.

Camargo | Custom CNC plasma cutting